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Designing a logo and a modern, clean and professional website for an international research project. Funded by the EU and led by the University of Bath.

The website’s main aims:

The website’s main aims:

Raise awareness of the project’s research, methodology and expertise.

Encourage the exchange of learning between stakeholders, researchers and an external audience from across the globe.

Be a regularly updated central resource of knowledge.

Help raise the profile of participants and establish them as experts in this field.

Our Solution

Our Solution

For the project team:

A simple to use content management system so that updating the website is not a chore and helps to make it easy to share the project’s latest activities.

For website visitors:

An attractive, modern and uncluttered website design that will feel inclusive and appeal to new and existing visitors internationally.

A website that will engage their interest so that they are encouraged to browse and discover more; to encourage people to register their interest and inspire them to share with other interested parties.

A regularly updated website that will encourage stakeholders to visit regularly, to discover something new or re-visit something they have read before.

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Designing a logo

Designing a logo

A happy client on the logo:

“I’m in awe of the ability to capture and communicate complex ideas in a single visual image!”

A happy client on the design of the website:

“I really like the three circles on the homepage and they way they mirror the form of logo. It’s an unusual and creative approach to the homepage visual, hence immediately creates a point of interest – excellent!

I like the colour scheme too, I think the warmth of the mustard yellow balances nicely with the green and gives exactly the feel we were hoping for – a sense of calm and peace, yet with an appealing vibrancy and dynamism.”