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Day to day management of your online store doesn't need to be a chore.


We can create a beautifully designed online store which will help you deliver an amazing customer experience and increase your online sales.

Here are some key features:

- Your product range is easy to organise with drag and drop functionality to sort your products. 

- You can have unlimited products, flexible product variants (e.g. size and colours) and you can sell both digital and / or physical products

- You can manage your store from your computer, your iPad or your iPhone.

- You can control who has access and set different levels of permissions. 

Encourage sales

Rich product descriptions will help you sell more. It's easy to add videos & images and to encourage upselling.

If you decide to have a blog (which we recommend as it helps strengthen your brand), it's easy link a product with your latest story.

Your online store will also encourage your customers to browse whilst also making it easy for them to find a specific product. Each product has ‘quick view’, image zooming and customers can easily navigate to other products in each collection.

Complete the sale 

With an easy to use and secure checkout you will increase conversions. A single page checkout, optimised for mobiles, ensures there is very little to distract your customer from completing their purchase.


Your online store will have 128-bit SSL encryption which ensures the connection between your customer and your website is secure. Payments are PCI compliant.

The checkout is also on the same domain as your online store. Not only does this offer extra security, it also provides your customers with a seamless experience. There is no diverting off to different websites like PayPal or other external shopping carts.

Minimising abandoned carts

If your customer has added something to the checkout and then got distracted, you can send a gentle nudge by automated email.

Special Offers

Encourage your customers to buy more by offering discounts, free shipping and more. Set discounts at a specific amount, on specific products.

You can also limit an offer to one per customer, or set a cap for the total number of redemptions.

We can also enable you to sell gift cards online. With a unique code, your customers can email the gift card to their chosen one.

Grow a loyal customer base

Each online store has customer relationship management (CRM) software. This will give you access to all the key information on your customer including their order history. You can identify who your most loyal customers are and segment them into groups for effective and targeted marketing campaigns. 

Customers can also create their own accounts and sign in for a faster checkout.

Integrated email marketing

You can create email marketing campaigns (we will design branded templates) in the same admin panel as you manage your online store. You can segment customers and give them special offers. You can auto-import products from the website directly into your email and you can do it all on your mobile if you prefer.

You can also encourage customer to sign up to your email list at the checkout.  

Social media integrations

Social media is an important element of your marketing. With our e-commerce solution, you can easily share stories and product updates with Twitter, Facebook product catalogue, Pinterest rich pins and Instagram.

Order and inventory management

Send shipment notifications, handle refunds, update stock levels, track outstanding orders and fulfil orders using your laptop or iPhone app. Yes, you can run your business on your phone.

We can customise your transactional emails including order confirmation, order fulfilled, order refunded and abandoned cart emails.

Shipping options are flexible - they can be set at a flat-rate, or by weight, or by location.


Understand your customer behaviour so you can sell more. You can track revenue, orders, units sold and more.

We can help you understand where people abandon the shopping cart by adding a funnel in Google Analytics. This will help us find out what works and where people may be passing before they buy or if they abandon. We can use the data to take steps to rectify any issues.

Finally, we promise a smooth transition. 

It's easy to move from other platforms like Magento, Etsy or Big Cartel. As long as your current platform can export details using a .csv file (most can), we can import the products automatically. 

Or we can use some software that magically transfers all your existing product details (including images, codes, descriptions etc), customer records, reviews and order details to your new online shop. 

Squarespace or Shopify?

We will build your e-commerce store using either Squarespace or Shopify. The choice depends on your business preferences which we would be happy to discuss with you.

Let’s grow your sales together

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you grow your online sales, please get in touch

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