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Thoughts on Google+

Google+ was launched 5 months ago as Google's latest attempt to establish a popular social media platform to rival Facebook and Twitter. 

Recent figures suggest it has registered users in excess of 40m (whereas Facebook has over 700m and rising, Twitter has 200m). This is a meteoric rise and they got to that number much quicker than their rivals.

I personally think they have done a good job introducing new functionality. My particular favourite is Circles which enables you to divide your contacts into groups and communicate different things to each circle.

I also find it easier to use than Facebook and it looks better.

At present there are a lack of active users. 

I do have a number of contacts on there but, like me, they still use Twitter or Facebook more. 

There is also a fair amount of repetition between Facebook posts, tweets and RSS feeds. This is understandable while people take time to decide how to best use each different social media platform.

The future

I think Google+ will succeed. Maybe not in it's current format, but the fact that it is being integrated into YouTube and Google Search (via the +1 button) means that it will be present in most peoples lives one way or another.

Google+ Pages

Google+ pages have recently been launched for businesses and organisations.

I will write more about this in a future post.