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Some statistics

Ofcom has recently published its 9th annual communications report which covers both traditional (including good old letters) and digital communications in the UK. It's a long report, but here are some key findings:

80% of the population has home internet access
76% have broadband
Each household has on average, three different types of device to access the internet

39% of adults have smartphones, of which 40% prefer to access the internet via their mobile device.
57% use their smartphones to shop online
22% use their smartphones to watch TV and film content online

Online shopping is now worth £2.6bn a year and has increased 30% year on year
Companies now spend more on advertising online than any other category (yes, more than TV and more than print)

What does this mean?

On a personal note, when looking at Google Analytics for my clients, there has been a big increase in the number of visits from smartphones (in many cases over 10% of hits), in particular the iPhone. So, it is time to be aware of the growth of accessing your website via a smartphone.

The key questions are:

1) Can people use your website easily on a smartphone?
2) Does the page load quickly enough (some people will access your website in areas where the phone network is weak).
3) Is your mobile website focused on the type of content a smartphone user will want to access quickly?

If you would like any advice on making your website mobile friendly, please do get in contact.