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Some articles of interest

Here are three articles that have caught my eye recently.

The first, by Paul Boag, discusses whether news articles should be given such prominence on your website.

The accepted wisdom is that news articles provide interest to your visitors, show that your website is 'alive' and that it is good for SEO (the search engines like proof that your website is regularly updated).

However, this articles challenges these presumptions. It questions how much news articles are being read and whether they are helping your site visitors achieve their objectives when visiting your website.

Please click here to read 'Do users care about your latest news?' by Paul Boag.

The next two articles were discovered by me good friends at from you to me.

The first article has some surprising information about what you cannot do to market your business using Facebook Pages.

The second article has 13 great tips on how to write a tweet so that it engages your audience.

I hope you find these articles useful.