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Mobile web or app?

There is no doubt that more and more people are using their smartphones to access the web.

Many of the websites I manage have at least 10% of their hits from an iPhone... Mobile search has grown 500% in the last two years according to Google... 75% of mobile users use their mobile device for shopping

So, is it time to have a mobile friendly website or a mobile app? If you are a retailer, restaurant, a tourist destination or have an online shop, then yes, it probably is. But which one should you choose?

Generally, I would suggest a mobile friendly website as it means you have one web address and so benefits your search engine rankings. It is generally a more cost effective solution and easier to be compatible across most devices and platforms.

An app can have advantages if you have specific functions that a customer would like to be able to do on their mobile. However, they can be expensive and you have to build one for the iPhone, for Android, for Windows and for Blackberry if you are to cover all of your potential customer base.

If you would like some help in creating a mobile friendly version of your website, please do contact me - it would be a pleasure to help!

Infographic: To app, or not to app
Formal degree vs. self taught - infographic created by WebdesignerDepot