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Working with video

Short videos can be a particularly effective way to promote your business online. It can be entertaining, visually appealing and engaging. It is also a very good way of showing your individual personality. 

I have had the good fortune of working with Land Rovers UK for some years and the man who started and runs the business, Andy Hayes, is so passionate about Land Rover Defenders it is impossible not to be swept along by his enthusiasm.

Given that many of their US customers order and pay for their custom Defenders by phone and email, trust and authenticity is key. 

We felt the best way to show their potential US customers the amount of care and attention that is spent on transforming a 25 year old Defender into something very special and very unique was by filming Mr Hayes in full, enthusiastic flow. Here is the result of week one (each week we will be filming Joe's progress):

... and do you want to know one key fact about Defenders that always amazes me? Well, 70% of all Defenders ever built are still on the road.