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Google and Facebook Ads

A couple of things have happened recently that make me suspect that advertising with Google and Facebook will carry far more weight in increasing your company profile than was the case before.

The influence of organic results look like they will decline as a result....

Social@Ogilvy have carried out some research into over 100 branded pages on Facebook and discovered that their organic reach (in other words, their non-paid for reach), has declined by 50%. In 2012, brands could hope to reach 16% of the people who 'liked' their page. The research suggests that this is now down to 6%. Bigger brands with over 500,000 likes, suffer even more and are down to 2% reach.

So, if you want to be seen by your customers on Facebook, it seems that soon, the only option will be to pay for the privilege.

Here is a link to the original Ogilvy article.

With Google it doesn't seem to be quite so pronounced. However, you may have noticed that the Google search results have subtly changed.

Previously ads had a yellowy shaded background to all of the text, which made them more noticeable. Now, the only sign is that they have an Ad icon to the left and the background is the same white as the organic results. A small change but one that reduces the visual difference between paid for and organic search results....