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The importance of clear objectives

When developing new business strategies, social media campaigns or new websites, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the objectives. How else can you measure the success of each new project?

And what makes a good objective?

Well, I suppose it must involve an acronym, so let's use RAM... I learned this on a course many years ago and it has stayed with me so it must have some value (to me at least)!

Objectives should be:




So when I start work on a new website or social media campaign, my first question is always "what are the business objectives?"

We then prioritise the objectives and decide which are the one or two that we must focus on.

This allows us to concentrate on the key requirements of each project and ensure that we do not get sidetracked with extraneous items.

No blur, just absolute focus on what is required on delivering your core business objectives.