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How can you use your various online marketing platforms more effectively?

With the variety of online marketing platforms available, it can sometimes be difficult to decide how best to use each one.

How do you differentiate your use of social media, your website and email marketing? How can you use them to support your overall business objectives? What function does each of them serve?

These are difficult questions to answer because the function and benefit of each platform will be different for each organisation. 

However, Econsultancy ran a recent article that provides a useful pointer.

Brand awareness

Essentially, Facebook and Twitter can be used to raise brand awareness. They can provide bite sized chunks of information or headlines that attract your customers and encourage them to engage with you and explore your proposition further. 

Facebook and Twitter not only help to attract new customers but they help build loyalty with existing customers. They can provide an ongoing conversation with them.


Your website is there as your online hub. The customer is already interested in you and is now exploring further. They want to know the detail behind you. They want to be encouraged to do something. Perhaps to buy something, to visit you, to contact you, to sign up for your email newsletter.


Finally, email marketing are for those customers who have built up a more loyal relationship with you. They like what they see and they will permit you access to their inbox. 

With this in mind, such loyalty deserves a more personalised approach to emails your email newsletters? But that subject is for another article!