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SEO - it's about good content and not second guessing algorithms

SEO is changing. 

Two recent articles caught my eye and explain what is currently happening.

In the first article, Econsultancy argue that SEO is not as complicated as you think:
"Google is very public about why it keeps making its search algorithms more complex; it wants to serve the best, most relevant content to its users."
Secondly, this article from Mashable questions whether we are coming to the end of SEO:
"SEO is not going to get easier. It's going to get harder and eventually will most likely be next to impossible - because Google's algorithms are always a step ahead of the marketers trying to game them. And with no keyword reporting, a major support system for SEO has been, quite simply, taken away."
And if you want to hear it from the horses mouth, please read this article in the Google Webmaster Tools blog entitled 'Create Valuable Content.'

I'm happy about these changes. They mean we have to focus on our users and not on anonymous search engine algorithms. It's time to relax and concentrate on writing great content. This in itself will encourage more people to visit your website and more people to share it.

I suggest creating a medium term month content plan (e.g. six months) for your website and social media channels. This plan should be aligned to your business and marketing objectives and should play an integral part in delivering these objectives.
Andrew EberlinSEO, Search