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8 years

According to LinkedIn, I am celebrating an eight year work anniversary today. I knew I started this business some time in October 2006 but I didn't realise it was today.

After spending over 15 years working for well known brands like Kodak, Thorntons and Courage Brewery, I took the opportunity of taking redundancy from an ever decreasing Kodak business and trained myself in the art of web design.

Why? Well I always liked design. My Art O Level grade wasn't the best (although I did pass, still life wasn't my forte). However, I did do well in the design modules. It may be in the blood - my Grandfather, Father and oldest brother are all architects.

In addition, one of my favourite projects at Kodak was working in the Category Management role. It involved understanding consumer behaviour in store via data analysis and observation. The objective was to make the complex category of photography easy to understand for consumers which in turn encouraged them to buy more.

This was ideal training for web design. Making websites that are easy to use, easy to find what the site visitor wants and to deliver on the objectives of the site.

My initial three objectives are still relevant today:

1) Focus on the person looking at your website

2) Keep the design simple

3) Clear, concise content

So, thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me.

I have some very loyal clients who go back almost to the start. Thank you Berkeley Castle, Spetchley Park Gardens, Land Rovers UKPeter Moore Lets and From You To Me. Thank you also, to all my clients. For those that have been around for a couple of years, I hope to be still working with you in five years time too!

For From You to Me, today is doubly special as it is their Big Boss Man, Neil Coxon's birthday too. Happy Birthday to both of us!

For old times sake, here is my very first website. The Straight Hair Company used to be run by my good friend Darren. He has since fled to New Zealand but he assures me it had nothing to do with the website....