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Active Thinking

It is always a pleasure to work with Charles at Active Thinking. We have taken to arranging our meetings at Hall and Woodhouse in Bath where we can eat a delicious breakfast, chew the cud and eventually get on with some work. As it's dog friendly, Gem can join in too!

I first started working with Charles in 2010. Since then his business objectives have changed and he has also worked on many exciting projects such as the new Heathrow Terminal 2 and the Olympics.

Doing what, you may ask?

Active Thinking work in a very niche area - they are Customer Experience designers and they help us, the customer, have better experiences in public spaces. Getting this across with text, case studies and images proved challenging but we think we have achieved it together!

Charles must agree, because he said these nice things:

"Andrew has recently redesigned my web-site and it now looks fantastic. He has a great eye for design and layout but he also puts a lot of thought into the structure and approach of the web-site. 

He's always thinking of ways to improve the site and often does it 'in the background' - he just makes it work really well.

He also has a great sense of humour which makes our sessions really enjoyable."

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