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I will be doing my first Rooster Talk at The Glove Factory on Friday 8th November on The 10 Principles of Good Design. I won’t ruin the story and write a blog post about it just yet, but I hope this related post will be enough for now.

I was intrigued to see a tweet about’s own version of design principles. Although it has a slightly different purpose, it’s fascinating to see what they view as important.

Their 10 Government Design Principles are:

  1. Start with users needs

  2. Do less

  3. Design with data

  4. Do the hard work to make it simple

  5. Iterate then iterate again

  6. This is for everyone

  7. Understand context

  8. Build digital services not websites

  9. Be consistent not uniform

  10. Make things open it makes things better

More detail around each principle can be read here.

There are also some nicely designed posters which you can download for free.

Andrew Eberlin