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Natural light portraits of the Hanover Fox team


I was delighted to visit Waterhouse in Monkton Combe, near Bath, for the first time. My mission was to take photos of the new Hanover Fox team (and as a bonus, pop-in and say hello to From You To Me at their new offices).

Hanover Fox had recently had a management buyout and were in the midst of a very busy away day. Time was of the essence as they had plenty of important things to discuss.

I use natural light for my portraits. I think it’s more …. natural …. and also more relaxing for the sitter. It may have been a grey winter’s day, but Waterhouse had a few large Georgian sash windows where I could place the team and use the natutral light filtering through.

Neil Watkins.jpg
Hanover Fox 2.jpg
Phil de Glanville.jpg