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What are SSL Certificates and why should you have one?


What are SSL Certificates?

  • Essentially they encrypt data sent between somebody's web browser and the server your website is hosted on. This is particularly important if they are sharing any personal information such as when they fill in an enquiry form or buy a product.

  • It reduces the risk of their information being compromised during an online transaction.

  • SSL certificates give your website the padlock in the web browser address bar.

  • The start of your website address changes from http:// to https://

Why are they important?

  • From October 2017, the leading web browser Google Chrome (over 60% market share worldwide), started adding a security warning saying "Not Secure" in all pages where users enter text. 

  • Longer term all website without https:// will receive the same warning.

  • Search engines favour secure sites and so it can help with your rankings.

  • It also reassures website visitors and makes your website look more credible.

What will your customer see?

  • A browser padlock in the web browser address bar

  • Your web address starting with https:// instead of http://

A word of warning

  • Transferring from http:// to https:// will be treated by Google as a change in domain name address. This may have an impact on your rankings for a short time. 

  • The set up actions will reduce this risk. This includes automatically forwarding http:// to https:// so you do not need to change anything your end.

  • Longer term, you will avoid losing rankings when https:// becomes essential. In addition, Google already place secure websites above non-secure websites in their ranking factors.

If you have any further questions about SSL Certificates, then please do get in touch.