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Our eight step process for designing a new website


That is good news!

You have decided it’s time for a new website. This may be your first one, or it could be your 10th. No matter which, we we will work with you using language you understand and going at a pace that you are comfortable with.

We pride ourselves in developing a collaborative and productive relationship with all of our clients. This approach has helped us continue working with many of them for 10 years or more.

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So here are our eight phases of the website design process:

1) Research & Strategy

We like to meet with you so we can discuss your plans in more detail and to understand your priorities better.

We will ask you which websites you like and discuss where they work well and where we think improvements could be made. We will also undertake research in the project. Any additional material you can supply us with will be gratefully received.

2) Design

Your branding (or if you haven't got that far, we would be happy to help) will provide us with a starting point for the look of your new website.

Starting with the home page, we will send you a link so you can take a look at the look, feel and structure. You can tell us which bits you like and which bits you don't. We will fine tune the design until you are happy with it.

3) Development

Once you had approved the home page design, we will build the main pages and develop the functionality.

Again, we would seek your feedback at regular intervals during this part of the process and amend accordingly. The above link will be available for you to review at all stages of the development process.

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4) QA & testing

Once we have developed the website, we would check through it to make sure it flows, that the links all work and the functionality is tested.

We will also ask you to do the same. To check that your are happy with it, that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes and that it delivers to your brief.

At this stage, we would also ensure that the website is optimised for the searches engines. We would check that the page metatags reflect the content, set up Google Analytics and set up Google Web Console.

5) Delivery & training

Once approved by you, we would be ready to train you in person or by phone. We would also set up admin access for your contributors.

6) Today is website launch day

It’s time to launch the website. We can help you on how best to communicate the launch using both online and traditional PR activities.

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7) Maintenance and support

We will be on hand to support you with any queries and updates by phone or email. Minor changes and tweaks will normally be dealt with within one working day. We will let you know the timescales for larger changes at the time of your request.

Security and software updates will be automatic and managed by us.

We can also help with any ongoing digital marketing support. For your website to fully benefit your business, it needs regular care and attention!

8) A happy client

We are happy to liaise with you in person, by email or by phone as much as you would like. A happy client who feels part of the process makes us happy!