Digital marketing

Delivering your campaign objectives through a combination of search engine optimisation, social media, email marketing, pay per click advertising, blogging, landing pages and, of course, your website.

We can also help automate your workflow, your tasks and measure your success using our cloud based business management system.



Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We can help you optimise your website for the web, not just for Google.

Simply put, keywords are no longer the most important tactic in your SEO arsenal. Google's constantly changing algorithms are designed to stay one step ahead of those Search Engine Optimisation businesses that contact you and claim to get you to Page One of Google.

Google's one key objective is to deliver the best results for their users which means limiting the opportunities for businesses to manipulate their results.

Any Google search result now returns a variety of results. Put a product or service into your search and review aggregator websites, generic product articles and price comparison websites will dominate the results. Businesses and brands are finding it harder to maintain their profile.

How do we improve your search engine performance?

When faced with rankings that are dominated by huge brands, articles and review aggregators, this may seem like an uphill task.

It is certainly a challenge, but we know we can help as evidenced by the significant improvements to many of our client's web presence.

We start by taking a good look at your current online profile and then we make recommendations which cover the following:

1) Understand your target audience.

2) Understand your online objectives and priorities. 

3) Help create valuable content

4) Ensure that you are optimised for every search engine. Search engines are not just Google or Bing; but also Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Amazon, Etsy, Pinterest and so on.

We base our recommendations using Google Analytics, Google Search Console and social media insights. This helps us to understand how your customers are using your website and how they interact with your other online activities. We focus on key actions that will benefit your business the most.

We have seen some excellent results with improved rankings and visitor behaviour. Regular reviews and fine tuning your website is the best way to make your it more effective. 



Social media


We have extensive experience and success in developing social media strategies for our clients. 

We can analyse which platforms would most suit your business. We can set up your profiles and also brand your pages. Or, if you find using social media a bit daunting, then we can point you in the right direction.


We are happy to visit your premises and spend some time explaining how it all works. We can help you identify your audience, how best to use social media and how best to engage with your customers. 

We are happy explaining social media on a one to one basis; or to a room full of people. It can take as little as an hour, a day or longer. Training is tailored to your needs.



Email marketing

Research from McKinsey suggests that email marketing has a 40 x higher conversion rate than social media.

Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with your customers. It is affordable, immediate and measurable.

We design eye catching branded email templates, with clear calls to action, which will fit within your overall communications strategy.



Pay per click advertising

Advertising on Google, Facebook or referral websites can help raise awareness and increase conversions.

The challenge is to control your budget and to ensure that you are getting a good return on your investment. 

We will discuss with you the number of conversions you need. We can then calculate how many clicks will deliver this and how much profit you would make. We will then set a cost per conversion target which enables us to measure the success of the campaign.



Analysis and action based reports

You don't need to have a website built by us to benefit from our expertise!

We are happy to assess your current online presence. We will review:

• website performance

• search engine rankings

• website optimisation

• social media activity

• competitor websites

• referral websites. 

Based on our findings we produce a  report with a clear action plan. We will discuss the follow up face to face or by phone.

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