Brighter Side

Web development, property manager, EPOS and restaurant software

Web applications


Making life easier for you and your customers


Control your website 

We have built our content management system (CMS) from the ground up. It is completely flexible.  As a result, we can pinpoint the functionality to suit your specific requirements. There is no bloat or feature creep in our system. We only include what  is relevant to your project in the CMS. 

We promise that you will be able to use this system with ease.


Widbrook Grange Room Mac Book.png

Room and table reservations

We have been working with accommodation providers and restaurants since 2008. We have developed both simple and advanced booking management systems. Our system is commission free and it integrates with our clients websites.  

We also work with hotel, restaurant and tourist groups to develop reservation systems for their members.


Vehicle Configurator.png

Manufacturing workflows

Our flexibility and adaptabity is perhaps best shown by our development of a bespoke vehicle configurator for custom built Land Rover Defenders, Multiple options and multiple prices in one simple, logical flow. 

It also works seamlessly with our customer relationship management tool and our workshop scheduling app.


EPOS iphone.png

Restaurant Manager (table bookings and EPOS)

Touch screen food and drink orders sent to the kitchen and linked to financial reports so that hotel and restaurant groups can see a real-time snapshot of their business profitability at any time of the day or night.

Human Resources

An application that allows your teams to log their hours worked, calculate wages, approve holidays, sign contracts using an electronic signature and track that legal documentation is all up to date.


We can create your online shop or ordering system. From simple online shops to advanced selection and configuration of products. Our e-commerce systems are tailored to the precise needs of your business and customers.


Voucher desktop.png

Gift Vouchers

Our commission free online voucher system can be integrated within your website. It is simple to create a gift voucher and add it to your website or your social media accounts.

A code generator is included so that each voucher has a unique, trackable code. It works seamlessly with our EPOS system.

Fulfilling orders, managing redemptions and reporting is all covered within our system.