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Using social media to attract customers

Here is a link to an interesting article about attracting customers using social media. 

This is the main objective for many businesses using social media. It's not easy, nor an exact science, but with focus it can be done. 

There are two passages from the article that are particularly interesting. The first is from Joe Chernov, VP of Content Marketing at Eloqua:

Social media allows marketers to do two things they couldn’t do before: scale one-to-one conversations and publish their own content without a media partner

The second observation is from Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s VP of Global Sales who

... told attendees at a media event earlier this year that she considered acquiring “Likes” to be the second phase for marketers on Facebook after setting up a brand Page. The third was using Facebook to cultivate your biggest and most-engaged fans

Here is a link to the original article from Mashable