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What's new in Google Analytics?

Google has been introducing its new design across its various products over recent weeks. This has included a major overhaul of Google Analytics.

Five new features that are particularly interesting:

1) Real time statistics
I think I may waste a lot of time looking at these! You can now see who is looking at your website as it happens instead of waiting 24 hours. You can see how long they spend on the site, which pages they are looking at, whether they are a new or returning visitor and so much more.

Read more from the Google Analytics blog.

2) Site Speed
Google has been hinting that page load times are now an important factor in organic search rankings and so this feature becomes an important metric to measure your website success.

3) Visitor flow
There is a new way of visualising how your visitors go from page to page which makes it easier to see their behaviour.

Read more from the Google Analytics blog.

4) Social Engagement
There is now a report which measures how successful your website is engaging with your visitors. The report tells you how many Google +1, Facebook 'Likes' and tweets each page is receiving.

5) Keyword Cloud
Finally, another visual change which helps you see important information quickly. This shows what keywords your site visitors are searching for that come to your site.

If would like more information on these new features, or feel that it's time for a review of your website, please contact me.

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