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Is Squarespace right for your website?


We don't design all of our websites with Squarespace, but for some projects, it is the ideal solution.


What is Squarespace?

It allows you to build, design and manage your website through a web browser or an iPhone app.

Is Squarespace right for you?

Yes, if:

  • You want to stand out from your competition with a well designed, professional website.

  • You want to keep things simple - the website is easy to update and to maintain.

  • You like having everything in one place. Your website, blog, photo gallery, e-commerce, website stats and your admin area are all accessed via one log-in.

  • You want peace of mind that your website is securely hosted on a robust platform.

Here are some reasons we enjoy using Squarespace over other platforms like Word Press, Shopify, Wix or Weebly:

  1. Squarespace is design led. It’s a very visual platform which is sleek, modern and has some nice touches.

  2. It is easy to use. The admin area is intuitive. It's flexibility makes creating a page a pleasure. We have worked with many systems before, but Squarespace offers the best balance between flexibility, ease of use and stunning design. Our clients and their clients love it.

  3. It is easy to preview the changes you make with no switching back and forth between screens (unlike Word Press).

  4. It is compatible across all modern devices and web browsers.

  5. You can update most aspects of your website with a free iPhone app (update 25th April - and now a free iPad app).

  6. E-commerce and blogging can be integrated.

  7. It is search engine (SEO) friendly. It looks great on mobiles, it generates a sitemap, comes with an SSL Certificate, uses clean HTML mark up, provides AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for blog posts, adds alt-tags for images and you can update page metatags.

  8. Integrated email campaigns. This ensures consistent branding between website and emails.

  9. Squarespace has a walled-garden approach. This makes it more secure, easier to use and preserves the quality of the design. You are less likely to 'break' something. It may be less flexible than, for example, Wordpress but with a bit of know-how, this becomes a non-issue.

  10. Security - Squarespace is less vulnerable because they ensure security settings are kept up to date. Other platforms can be open to hacks, but like Apple, Squarespace has control over its apps and widgets which minimises any threats.

  11. Website maintenance is easy - software updates, hosting and server configurations are handled automatically by Squarespace.

  12. Squarespace offer 24/7 support (via email and live chat).

Squarespace isn't the best solution for all websites. If you are looking for specific functionality or a website with complex navigation, our own Content Management System may well be the better option.

Or if you are setting up a new business and keeping an eye on costs, then our starter package may be the better option.

However, for those of you who are looking for a well-designed website, which works for your customers and you would like complete flexibility to update your own website; then we would recommend Squarespace.

Squarespace portfolio

You can take a look at some websites we have designed using Squarespace here.

Find out more

We love using Squarespace to create and deliver web design projects. We would be happy to set up, design, develop or train you in using this platform.

If you would like to know if Squarespace is the best solution for your website, then please get in touch.